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Global automotive lightweight materials market set to reach $76bn by 2025.

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Strategies to reduce the cost of production

New automotive lightweight materials reach global economies of scale.

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New technologies in additive manufacturing

Hear the latest case studies in additive manufacturing for automotive components.

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Who should attend

  • Lightweight Materials
  • Equipment Design and Manufacture
  • Materials Sourcing and Advisory
  • Materials Supplies
  • Composite Manufacturing
  • Nanomaterials and Technologies
  • Parts Procurement
  • Lithium & Raw Materials Sourcing
  • Research and Development
  • Vehicle Technologies
  • Body-In-White (BIW) Engineering
  • Strategy, Projects & Public Affairs
  • Nanomaterials Research
  • Cost Reduction Strategies
  • Legal and Compliance Work
  • Advanced Engineering
  • Material Specifications
  • Purchasing and Sourcing
  • Automotive Technologies
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Equipment Certification Services
  • Vehicle Body Manufacturing
  • Business Development
  • News Reporting and Journalism

Expert Speakers to Date

  • Edwin Pope
    IHS Markit
  • Abey Abraham
  • Per Mårtensson
    Bcomp Ltd.
  • Michael Hayden
    Asahi Kasei Plastics North America
  • Chris Oberste
    WEAV3D Inc.
  • Sean Wilson
    Avient Corporation
  • Jakym Battle
  • John Hopkins
  • Jeff Jorge
    Baker Tilly US, LLP
  • Guillaume Boisot
    e-Xstream Engineering
  • Michael Tobiasz
  • Trevor Pruden
    ARBURG, Inc.

Why Attend?

The Automotive Lightweight Materials 2022 Exhibition and Conference is the only event of its kind to deliver leading market intelligence and industry presentations on the latest in lightweight automotive applications and new technological advancements ….

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The Premier Forum for Automotive Lightweight Materials

Welcome to the Automotive Lightweight Materials USA 2022 Exhibition and Conference where innovators in lightweight materials will meet with leading automotive manufacturers in Detroit, Michigan to explore the latest technologies, techniques, and innovations in lightweight materials development for the automotive industry.

To increase cost-effectiveness, efficiency, safety and performance, and to compete with global automotive manufacturers, there is an urgent need to develop advanced materials and manufacturing technologies that allow reduction in vehicle weight by using lightweight materials such as high-strength steel, magnesium, aluminum, and polymer composites to help OEMs create the next generation of lightweight vehicles aligning with new regulatory standards on safety, emissions, and performance.

Experts will throw light on the advanced techniques, trends, and strategies in the lightweight automotive industry, advanced adhesives, and their application for joining dissimilar materials and facilitate interaction with top automotive experts, service providers, and leaders in various specializations.

The development of automotive materials relies on the latest in research and design, manufacturing processes, and technical know-how to develop robust and reliable solutions to support the next generation of vehicles - including designing lightweight structures and applications of composite mixes to create lightweight vehicles to meet new regulatory standards on safety and emissions.

This year’s Automotive Lightweight Materials 2022 is set to become the world’s leading exhibition and conference exclusively for automotive light-weighting and materials development for automotive OEMs to meet and collaborate with a large array of industry manufacturers, and to examine new methods and technical know-how to address the specific challenges associated with lightweighting for next generation of vehicles.

Key topics on this year’s agenda include:

  • Lightweight materials economic outlook and industry forecasts
  • Exploring new applications with advanced engineering and simulation techniques
  • Latest research in advanced materials, joining techniques, and additive manufacturing
  • New manufacturing processes and strategies for automotive lightweight production
  • Upcoming regulations and safety standards for the next generation of vehicles
  • Manufacturer case studies on successful adaptation of lightweight materials

This exhibition and conference will provide a forum for all stakeholders across the automotive lightweight materials supply chain; from suppliers and service providers to equipment manufacturers for the automotive industry to network and build cross-market relationships and to discuss the real challenges and opportunities in advanced materials and light-weighting to meet the needs of next generation vehicles.

Call for Presentation

If you would like to be a speaker at this event, please contact sean.collins@iQ-Hub.com, subject heading “Call for Papers – Automotive Lightweight Materials USA 2022”.

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To secure your place at Automotive Lightweight Materials USA 2022 or if you require more information, please contact delegates@iQ-Hub.com.

Key topics for 2022:

  • Lightweight materials economic outlook and industry forecasts
    Understand the economic fundamentals and key market drivers for automotive lightweight materials from a global perspective. Which composite materials and new technologies are available today and where is the automotive industry heading?
  • Exploring new applications with advanced engineering and simulation techniques
    Make the business case for adopting new light-weighting solutions for the next generation of vehicles. How to use simulation techniques to solve the problems of thermal effects, large deformations, complex geometries, fatigue behavior, and free surface boundaries arising from the forming and extrusion of lightweight alloys.
  • Latest research in advanced materials, joining techniques, and additive manufacturing
    Evaluate new innovations in joining solutions for automotive body structures. What are the advanced high-performance materials that can be used for developing lightweight body-in-white (BIW) structures?
  • New manufacturing processes and strategies for automotive lightweight production
    Deliver reliable and scalable production methods for adapting new lightweight materials to achieve cost targets while optimizing production using new strategies without the constraints of previously invested capital.
  • Upcoming regulations and safety standards for the next generation of vehicles
    Hear from key regulators and classification bodies to ensure your products meet the requirements of new vehicle safety regulations and industry emissions standards.
  • Manufacturer case studies on successful adaptation of lightweight materials
    Gain insight from leading manufacturers and implement strategies that others in the industry are using to ensure successful applications to the latest lightweight materials in your next automotive products.


  • This conference allowed my company to see new technologies that we might find applicable in an efficient and collaborative manner. Joey Cheff (Toyota)
  • This event showcased some dynamic inclusive insights and trends. I was able to connect with many new prospective customers. Carl Williams (Nouryon)
  • The event showcased a lot of new and exciting light weighting technologies that are worth considering for any stakeholder looking to improve the weight and efficiency of a vehicle. Peter Duggan (Meridian Light Weight Technologies)
  • It is great platform bringing together like minded decision makers to brainstorm lightweight technology. Mangesh Saraf (ARAI-AMTI Foundation)
  • A great event for people interested in new technologies for the industry. Albert Li (Benchmark Mineral Intelligence)
  • This conference gave our company opportunities to meet key players in the emerging technology space. Rob Sides (Ametek)
  • Great event with expertise from various fields related to the industry. Martin Loo (Greatech)
  • A wide range of information regarding the industry and key providers. Ralph Marsh (ATS)
  • A very well organized event with a wide variety of topics presented by knowledgeable speakers. Breanna Lopata (Ametek)
  • Great experience to gain knowledge into automotive world and network with key players. Jason Klentive (ESAB)
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